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Proxi App (Work in Progress)

Current Stage: Detailed User Flows


This is an design project I am currently working on for a Mobile App called Proxi; a third-party proximity alert for tracking tools like Tile or Trackr.

Since seeing devices like the Tile and Trackr in action, I noticed that although they assist the user in finding their belongings once lost, they have the potential to prevent the user from losing them in the first place. When associating an alarm feature with anti-theft technology, I knew I had a potential product.

The app's name Proxi is from the product's proximity alarm feature and the switching active user feature (creating a proxy).


Mind Map
Mind Map

Rough Sketches
Rough Sketches

User Requirements (Task Flows)

As a user, I should be able to ...

User Flow Sketches
Rough User Flow Sketches

Link Tracker Flow
Link Tracking Device Overview
Create Secondary Users
Secondary Users Overview
Create Anchors
Tracker Anchor Overview

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